Dates & Progress of Infant Centre
Preparation of Site More drywall Jan. 6, 2006
Delivery of Building Materials to Site Starting to mud Jan. 11, 2006
Instruction on using carpentry tools Sept. 8  
Leveling site, installing pads Sept. 9  
Installing, leveling beams Sept. 12  
Installing joint hangers for crawl space floor  
Installing joists  
Subfloor for crawl space Sept. 15  
Pony walls for crawl space, Sept. 20  
Installing floor joists, living room floor, Sept. 22  
Constructing walls, housewrap, Sept. 26  
Lifting wall, bracing Sept. 27  
Four walls up Sept. 29  
Internal Loadbearing wall Sept. 30  
Installing windows Oct. 5  
Roof joists started Oct. 5  
Gussets, crawlspace Oct. 7  
Roof railing Oct. 7  
Porch Oct. 11  
WCB visit Oct. 19  
Installing Metal Roof Oct. 20  
Siding Oct. 27  
Interior insulation Oct. 28  
Fuel tank Oc t. 28  
Interior insulation Nov. 14  
Electrical Nov. 27  
Heat Dec. 2  
Starting drywall Dec. 7