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Boys work from 8:30 am to noon. They come to the school and have a bannock and tea break at 10 am for 15 minutes. The girls work from 1 to 3:15 pm. The remainder of their time is spent in regular classes in the school. The students can wear their work gear home or store it in the metal sea can located on the site. Rugged outdoor overalls are supplied for rain and winter use outside the roughed in dwelling. A total of 23 students are working on the project this year. Ten worked on the 3 bedroom house last year.

Of the 10 students from last year, 1 has been accepted as an apprentice by the Qammaq Housing Association. The other 9 are working half a day for the local Kawtaq Construction Company on the 2 fiveplexes. The other half day they are in school.

Partners in this project: Kakivak, Igloo Building Supplies Group, Qammaq Housing Association, Nuiyak School and Najuqsivik.

For more information you can contact John Jamieson, jjamieson@qikiqtani.edu.nu.ca

Working towards subfloor on crawl space.

Boys setting up joists