Women’s Auxiliary Group Head Quarter

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Every community in Nunavut has auxiliary members, so there is annual junction every two years for Women's Auxiliary. They have a head quarter in Clyde River, Nunavut. The head of state for this group is Ulibica Iqalujuaq. Her job is to act in service to council each communities' women's group. Giving specific direction on what and how they should operate. One or two people from Sanikiluaq attempt to this meeting.

In the midst of these meetings, they have a discussion about praying, church service, holy communion, fund raising and facilitating people in community. Since this group is under supervision of Anglican Church, they inquire money from them for this particular trip. Unless they had raised enough money. Most of the time it's never adequate in fund raising. In the end of meeting, which is approximately one week, this whole community play games run by the women's auxiliary group, games with prizes. There is a church service and are asked to stand up and to be welcomed. They meditate in prayer for them. In commencement to the service, an elderly woman is requested to come to the front of the church, to open the ceremony. What she does is cut this breaded string, once it's opened the qullik is lighted. Next the women's auxiliary group sing their song. Members are wifes, widows, mothers, foster and stepmothers, grandmothers, daughters, and sisters. They dedicate their time to support their community in enhancing it. Giving hope to people.

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This image is clickable if song wants to be heard only in Inuktituk version sang by Annie Appaqaq Sr. and Caroline Appaqaq.       x3Nw wvJ6tscbsJ5 w1qAyz ]NMMsA N8ilA b8N w1qAy4, w1qbwJ6 ]xi xX3c6 xzJ6yj x7ml vMw xX3c6.

194 found in blue hymn book, people in Sanikiluaq most use this song. Sang by Louisa Ippak, Sanikiluaqvinik's daughter. Click 194 to listen the song only in Inuktituk version.

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Women's Auxiliary Group in Sanikiluaq

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When an individual is in ardently desiring help, one of the members of auxiliary goes to them and talk to them, along with a prayer. Or an someone would go to them. Another example for serving the community is to pray for houses, when an owner of the house believes that it is needed, women's are still involved unless if lay minister are requested instead.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police occasionally ask the women to speak to a criminal, they give hope, prayer and advises. Same thing to community social worker at the nursing station. Of course, all of these services are strictly confidential.

Thursday is the date for their meetings, but this date is never the same, in accordance with their own time. They assemble anywhere they want to as a group because auxiliary do not have an office. Their service is also to clean and tune-up the local church. To this service one or couple of people in the community volunteer to lend a hand in cleaning, weather it's young or old. There are less fortunate people who don't have someone to clean their houses, so everyone in auxiliary group comes together making announcement on radio and people volunteer to clean with them. Their service to the church is including cleaning to holy communion's provisions is also required. Washing up the dishes, laundry the clothes with javax and iron them. Women's group have a record of their work but not accessible.

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Women's Auxiliary Group members for 2005

Lucy Uppik Jr. - 1st

Alice Kattuk - 2nd

Maggie Sala - 3rd

Rynie Audla - secretary

Nary Iqaluk - legal tender

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