Gateway People

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Gateway project started on November 2 of 2004 and it will end on March 31 of 2005. There are 5 people

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working on this project, which are Darlene Kavik, Louisa Tookalook, Caroline Appaqaq,

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Mary Takatak, and Alice Kavik. These people are building a website that show and tell about

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Sanikiluaq Nunavut. In the website there are information about where we live. Tim Hoyt is their

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supervisor of the gateway project. He is the one who applied for a fund for these women to

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make this website possible. He is the person who puts the workers work onto the internet and he

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checks if there are any mistakes that needs to be changed to make it close to perfect. These ladies

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are enjoying their work and learning new things of Sanikiluaq and also with the computers.

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They also get to work with people outside their work place, when they go and ask people on interviews,

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which is a good things because they also get information that way and it makes their social skills better.

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These ladies are pretty good at helping each other.

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