Inuit in the past were so brave when it came to illness in any way. The only medicine they had was the animal fat or animal skin. They had no Tylenol or any drug to fix the pain.

You will learn from here about how they used to survive without any drugs to help the sick people. All of them may not have any pictures to show because they no longer use them for sick people since there is a Nursing Station here.

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Stomachache }NYJw5

Broken bone nsiztA NWmJw5

Cold , flu k?3gw5

Cut ro3gw5

Eye w5pgw5

Fat s3haJw5

Froze dx3gw5

Impetigo X3tgw5

Mold xJx5

Teeth rA}t5

Sore throat w[QxoEJ

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