Sanikiluaq Nunavut

Sanikiluaq Nunavut Canada is located on the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay. It is the most Southern Community in Nunavut and it's in the Heart of Hudson Bay. The island is located about 100 kilometers west of Northern Quebec. The population of the community is 815 and it is still growing. All the building in the community are 198. The people of Sanikiluaq gather a lot when it is the holidays and when it is a special occasion. When they are gathered they play games and dance. Sometimes it is a special treat when a band plays and they sing songs. Also people go camping a lot during the summer and spring time. Whether they go in boats, hondas or ski-doos. The weather in the summer gets warm but not too warm, in the fall it starts getting cold and in the winter, it gets really cold. In the spring the snow starts to melt.

People go hunting all year round. Even if you are the age of 10 years to the age of 70. You have to know the land to go hunting because if you don't know, there is a 100% chance you will get lost. If you don't know the land you most follow someone who knows the place. Even if it's the summer or in the winter. Sanikiluaq is a friendly community and the people are nice. A lot of things to see and a lot of information to find out about Sanikiluaq.



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