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SCHOOL BUS - wo}ni5 xw5yZst4
The school bus is operated by the Municipality of Sanikiluaq. In the year 1998, we finally got a bus. The students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 are the only one's who have the privilege to ride on the bus because the bus is too small for the whole students.
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PUMP HOUSE - wm3u5 r=FxF4
The water in the pump house comes from the lake and it is purified. When the water truck's tank is ran out of water, the water trucks go to the pump house and go fill it up. If they finish filling it up they go fill up the houses with the water truck.
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DELIVERING WATER - w9lu5 wu6bg4
In this picture, the water truck is delivering water to a house. If the house needs a water delivery, the person who rents or owns a house can call the Municipality of Sanikiluaq and request for a water delivery. Then the reception at the Hamlet will tell the water truck drivers to deliver a water to a certain house.
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GARBAGE TRUCK - ni8ixDt4 cjtv9M4

This truck is operated by the Municipality of Sanikiluaq. The worker picks up the garbage's to almost every houses and buildings and put them into the dump. The only houses that don't get a pick up are the HAP owners (people who owns a house). They can only get pickup only if they pay.
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SEWAGE TRUCK - d=FixDt4 cjtv9M4
Sewage Truck: We don't have any underground sewage system so this is what we use to pump out. The people can call the Municipality of Sanikiluaq if they need a pump out. When the trucks tank is full, it goes up to the lagoon and pumps it out to the pond.
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DIESEL FUEL TRUCK - s6hixDt4 cjtv9M4

This truck delivers diesel to the houses that ran out of fuel. It goes fill up the truck with diesel near the gas station where there is a tank farm. It is operated by a business person who owns the business called Tookalook Gas & Oil Services. The cost of 5 gallons of diesel is at $18.03 and it costs $19.16 for 5 gallons of gasoline.

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RCMP OFFICE - S~oy4f5 x9MFz
This is the RCMP Office. It was build in the year 1976. In the year 1977, the first RCMP Officer arrived to live in the town of Sanikiluaq. His name was Cpl. Wheadon. So far, 31 Police Officers have arrived to Sanikiluaq since 1977.

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There are 3 examining rooms, 1 dental room, 1 home care office, and 2 emergency beds for the patients in the Sanikiluaq Health Centre. 3 nurses are working full-time, interpreter, CHR, home keeper, janitor, 2 home care, and a social worker are working for this building.

A charter comes in twice a week from Winnipeg or Churchill, Manitoba.

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NUIYAK SCHOOL - kw}/ won3F4

This is the Nuiyak School. 293 students attend to learn in this school. There are 16 teachers, 3 language specialists, 2 principals, 2 CSA's, 1 SCC, 2 part-time PST's, and 4 janitors working for the school.

The subjects for the Primary and Junior High Students are Inuktitut, Science, Social Studies, Gym, Language Arts, Health, Math and Art.

The subjects for the High School Students are Inuktitut 15, 25, 35, Science 15, 25, 35, Social Studies 13, 23, 33, Gym 10, 20, 30, English 13, 23, 33, Math 10, 11, 12, Art 10, 20, Physics, Applied Math 10, Northern Studies, Aullajaaqtut, and CTS. There are 6 choices for CTS and they are Media, Building a House, Small Engine Repair, Work Experience, Sewing and Shop.

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